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Product Description

Our window-Sills are manufacture of Mirawall aluminium,which is continuously powder coated in coil form,product with a global reputation spanning over 25 years. Launched by MIRALU to meet  the stringent requirements of designers, architects and fabricators, MIRAWALL ® has a proven track record of outstanding  quality. The MIRALU Saint-Chamond site is ISO 9001 certified for quality and OHSAS 18001 certified for health and safety. The installation systematically meets all safety, health and environmental  standards and guarantees that its products are supplied to customers in perfect compliance with these criteria.

We also manufacture windowsill  of hot dipped  galvanised steel with a layer of 200 um durable,abrasion and scratch resistant protective Plastisol Polyester coating-PVC.

All windowsills  are complete with Thermal Insulation-infills and end caps.

To ensure the intergrity of products,manufacture uses laboratory tests to measure their performance against corrosion,effect of sunlight,chemicals and abrasion.All testing of products is carried out in accredited laboratories to international standards.

To avoid thermal bridging the infills are produced of Weatherproof High Density Insulation EPS 200 with conductivity 0.033 W/m2K.

Our End Caps with drainage chanell are specially designed to prevent water from entering into the premises, protect the window structure against moisture and premature destruction.

Moplen  is used as the material for the side plugs(end caps), it is resistant to atmospheric and mechanical exposure, temperature extremes and UV rays.Mopylen  do not change color and do not crack for a long time. Side plugs are made for all standard sizes of windowsills.

External window sills are an important element of each house. They play both a decorative and structural role. Correctly selected they will be an excellent element of the interior design of your home.